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Cogent Power has a longstanding experience in electrical steels, dating back over 70 years and over 100 years’ experience in steel manufacturing.

The original business European Electrical Steels brought together expertise in electrical steels which existed within two well established European steel leaders, British Steel and SSAB in a joint venture formed in 1991.

Cogent Power was formed in 2001 when European Electrical Steels purchased the motor lamination stamping business of Kienle & Spiess. 

Kienle & Spiess was later sold, and the downstream activities are now focused on the value creation activities of Cogent Power Inc., Canada.

The businesses are passionate specialists in high performing electrical steels: 

  • Grain Oriented Steels are manufactured at Orb Electrical Steels, Newport, South Wales.
  • Non Oriented Steels are manufactured at Surahammars Bruks AB in Surahammar, Sweden.
  • Cogent Power Inc. in Burlington, Canada provides innovative solutions processing mainly grain oriented steels, as well as amorphous cores for the North American market.