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Low losses at high speeds: In order to save weight and reduce size, electric motors for (Hybrid) Electric Vehicles, as well as household appliances and power tools, are now being designed  to work at higher rotational speeds.

With rotational speeds up to (and sometimes higher than) 10,000 rpm, and with six or more poles, frequencies of the varying magnetic flux in the core of the motor can reach up to 1,000Hz or more. To obtain low losses at these high frequencies, a thin gauge grade is necessary.

Cogent Power offers the widest range of thin gauge electrical steels in the market. These thin materials give lower losses at higher magnetisation frequencies and in Hybrid Electric Vehicles this offers the same efficiency and torque with a smaller and lighter weight motor.

These thinner materials are also suitable for aviation and household applications, filters, industrial high speed motors, pumps and compressors as well as magnetic bearings.

We have the widest range of thin gauge grades in the market.  Click here to read more about Hi-Lite.