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Large power transformers operate under extreme conditions and require high levels of performance from every component part, including the electrical steel which forms the core of the product.

In order to minimise losses in transmission, in the form of heat or noise, Cogent Power combines electrical steels with the lowest magnetic losses with guaranteed minimum insulation resistance across the surface.  The tension coating applied to the finished product offers improved noise performance in the built core.

Cogent material can be supplied in slit coil form to be subsequently cut into transformer laminations with world class burr tolerances to reduce the risk of short circuits between laminations at the slit edge.

Flatness tolerances are critical for the noise performance of the finished core, as well as efficient assembly and Cogent can supply material within tightly defined tolerances to meet customer requirements.

Material is supplied slit to width in JIT deliveries to meet demanding cutting schedules for these large projects.