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Manufacturer Power Partners selects Cogent Power as its Supplier of the Year

Power Partners, a U.S. manufacturer of overhead electrical distribution transformers, recently selected Cogent Power Inc. of Burlington as its Supplier of the Year.

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Cogent Power Inc., based on Laurentian Drive, is one of dozens of Power Partners’ suppliers. It makes the electrical steel core needed to produce the transformers.

The electrical steel core goes into pole top transformers that step down electrical power for use in homes and businesses across the U.S.

Cogent designs and manufactures transformer cores and components, including distributed gap cores, toroidal cores, and flat-stacked sheets and products.

Cogent, a Power Partners supplier since 2008, now produces all of Power Partners’ needs for the product.

“…. It’s a trusted advisor position; they know we will deliver the right product at the right time,” Frank Guilbault, manager of business development for Cogent, said in a press release.

It is the second straight year Cogent has received the award.

Power Partners is a manufacturer of distribution transformers; it has produced more than 8.5 million transformers at its facility in Athens, Georgia.

Cogent Power is a Tata Steel Enterprise.