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Cogent Hi-Lite

Hi-Lite is the ultimate non-oriented ultra-thin gauge electrical steel. Its unsurpassed material properties enable the development of high frequency applications with exceptional performance. Fast-forward to the “best of the best” in materials science, design support, tooling and stamping.

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Today’s high-tech electrical steels are essential in the manufacture of the cost-effective stators and rotors needed for a huge range of electric motor applications, as well as in generators and transformers. They ensure high magnetic permeability and low power losses, to secure peak performance. Power losses in electrical steels derive from several factors. Eddy currents, induced by the alternating magnetic field, play a critical role. Rolling steel to a thinner gauge confines these eddy currents to a smaller volume, reducing ‘classical’ eddy current losses. Losses can of course also be limited by increasing the silicon or aluminium content, for improved resistivity.

For application frequencies beyond the standard 50 or 60 Hz, thinner steel may be needed to maintain low losses. The Hi-Lite range, available with a Suralac®7000 insulating coating, and now also with the Suralac®9000 bonding coating, has been optimized for medium to high frequencies (200 -2500 Hz). For the most extreme applications, we have developed Hi-Lite NO 10, the thinnest wide strip electrical steel on the market.