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Unisil and Unisil-H products are covered on both sides with a thin inorganic coating. This is applied over the glass film layer, which is formed during the high temperature annealing process. 

The coating is approximately three microns thick per side and provides a good electrical resistance with only a marginal effect on the stacking factor.  The coating has good adherence properties and will withstand normal punching operations, and is resistant to annealing up to 840 degrees centigrade. The coating is chemically resistant to any fluid contamination during the production process. It gives some protection against corrosion and is unaffected by different types of transformer oils.  

The coating applied to the Unisil product range does not contain chromium bearing compounds.

Magnetostriction and Noise

The magnetostriction coefficient of the transformer core lamination is a significant parameter in determining the acoustic noise output of the transformer. The Magnite coating is beneficial in controlling the magnetostriction of the material by creating a tension in the steel.