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Orb Electrical Steels samples, tests, and grades all coils of Unisil and Unisil-H in the single sheet non-annealed condition.

The method of measurement of the power loss used at Orb Electrical Steels is that described by IEC 60404-3. It is of key importance that this standard incorporates an informative annex to correlate single sheet and Epstein tests in grain oriented material. The range of conversion factors, which are declared in the standard IEC 60404-3 Annex C, has been accepted by Orb Electrical Steels and is used to provide an Epstein result on the test certificate.

Annealed Epstein samples are taken at regular intervals for process control purposes.


The Magnetic Testing Laboratory reports the magnetic properties of every coil of Unisil and Unisil-H on a test certificate. In addition to the specific total loss at the guarantee level of peak magnetic flux (J=1.5T or 1.7T), measurements are reported for the specific apparent power, magnetic field strength and permeability. The customer receives a comprehensive summary of loss and magnetic properties for each coil of material purchased.