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Cogent Power's non-oriented fully processed electrical steels enable our customers to use electrical steels with the best magnetic properties and coatings, confident in the knowledge that the materials are supported by reliable delivery and strong technical support.

Non-oriented electrical steels between 0.10 mm and 1.00 mm thick are critical in the manufacturing of rotating machines of all sizes, as well as in small transformers and a variety of other electromagnetic applications. Their magnetic properties are combined with tailored insulation coatings which offer the best performance required for the manufacturing process and final application.

The final annealing refines the final magnetic properties after which the bespoke insulation coating is applied.

Our in house sliting and cutting lines make it possible to supply our materials in bespoke widths and lengths.

We have partnerships with several local companies within the Nordic Power Components network which allow us to serve our customers with laser cut laminations and stamped laminations.

Outside of our broad offering in conventional non-oriented electrical steels, we also have thin gauge grades that are especially designed for high frequency applications.

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