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Cogent Power has full traceability of all supplied material – from the specific heat in the steel plant to the individual slit coil supplied to the customer.  All material is closely monitored and controlled throughout to ensure excellent quality.

The final product fulfils all relevant international standards and can be tailored to individual customer specifications.

Magnetic testing is performed using the “Epstein method” and is performed at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz. For thin gauge grades the testing is performed at 400 Hz and 2500 Hz.

On coatings we can measure thickness the surface insulation resistance.

Upon request we can also perform other tests such as:  all characteristics defined in e.g. IEC 60404-8-4 and EN 101006, mechanical properties and the chemical composition of the specific heat used.

Furthermore, we perform testing at settings normally not specified by any standards e.g. magnetic properties at different induction levels and frequencies. The most commonly requested data from these tests are presented in the data sheets which are available for all grades produced.

In order to describe the typical characteristics of the products, many other tests can be performed at request either by Cogent or our partner universities.

In cooperation with the Tata Steel R&D organisation, Surahammars Bruks tests the fatigue properties of electrical steels and is able to offer an assessment of the durability of a real motor component e.g. the rotor of a high speed permanent magnet synchronous machine subjected to different load cycles.