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Noise generated in large electromagnetic devices such as transformers is becoming increasingly important as these devices move into urbanised areas.

The generation of noise in transformers is a complex issue, as there are many potential sources of noise, along with ways to amplify or attenuate the noise being produced.  The transformer design has the most significant effect on the noise generated.  However, the following material properties are carefully controlled to optimise the performance of our grain oriented products.

Tension Coatings

The coatings and layers found on grain oriented electrical steel help to combat any compressive stress introduced during the transformer building process.  Compressive stress has a significant impact on magnetostriction, which is a potential source of noise.

Grain Orientation

The best grain orientation is achieved through careful process control to ensure that the magnetostriction characteristics of the material is minimised.

Material Shape

The thermal flattening process elongates the material at elevated temperatures to ensure that the product supplied to the customer is flat and free from residual stress.